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Inch by inch, keg-by-keg, shive-by-shive and spile-by-spile, Chesterfield has been quietly restoring its status as one of the leading brewing towns in Derbyshire — and pubs like the Rose and Crown have been at the forefront of this renaissance, magically harvesting the class and fighting spirit of Everards and the ambition and innovation of Chesterfield’s very own Brampton Breweries.

Pay a visit to Brampton BreweryFrom the light grapefruit nose and mellow, citrus notes of ‘Golden Bud’ to the generous helpings of roast and flaked barley that define the ruby red ‘Winter Bock’ the team have crafted an enviable selection of real ales.

The cask-ale range is also supplemented by a broad and eclectic range of bottled beers, whiskies, wines and ciders.

For more information on our range of Cask Ales, click on the Brampton Brewery logo. A full range of take-home beer and merchandise is all available direct from the brewery itself. The brewery can be found on Chatsworth Business Park on Chatsworth Road

Some of the best cask ales in Derbyshire are served at the Rose and Crown

Brampton Brewery

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Wasp Nest 5.0%

beer of the week

Beer of the Week
Wasp Nest 5.0%
A premium mid-amber ale with a sting in the tale. Rich malty flavour and sufficient Fuggles and Goldings hops to balance the ale to a Premium Bitter.

Every Tuesday
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Sunday to Thursday
12 Noon - 11pm

Friday & Saturday
12 Noon - 12 Midnight

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